Stocktaking? Top tips for a successful stress-free stock take

Having accurate records of your stock items within your business allows you to reconcile physical stock to the inventory records, this highlights variances, slow and fast moving stock along with identifying issues with stock management and control.

With accurate knowledge about stock movements and stock on hand, you can make informed decisions about slow-moving items, theft and damaged stock, you can also review staff training requirements and the stock control process.

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Barcode data capture

Testing new Opticon H32 barcode readers

Opticon Barcode readerbarcode scanner- laptopOpticon H32 full

Stocktaking Opticon H32 testingStocktaking Zebra Printer

The comfortable lightweight H-32 runs on the Windows Embedded Compact 7 Operating System and is designed for every-day use in numerous applications, such as picking, price management, inventory, asset tracking, and replenishment.

Massive thanks to the team at Barcode Warehouse along with Opticon UK for the help and support in the early stages of the latest technology testing.